Colorimetry: When colour reflects our mood.

Want to show off your colour? There’s no better way to assert your personality or revive an outdated interior design. But mixing shades and playing with tones remains a risky business, whether for your wardrobe or your interior. So, to avoid falling into kitsch and, above all, to obtain a result that reflects your image, we trust Janolo’s advice and we become experts on the colour circle for ever more trendy combinations.

The colour wheel:

Does it ring a bell? This tool, often used in painting, dyeing, industrial design, fashion and graphic arts, is composed of 12 colours and will help you choose the ones that will harmonize the best between them.

For your knowledge, you should know that :

  • The 3 primary colours are red, yellow and blue: rather warm and cheerful, they are adopted for a warmer style.
  • The 3 secondary colours are: orange, green and mauve – cooler, they are used for a soothing and sober atmosphere.
  • The 6 tertiary colours: these are the other existing colours.

The indispensable rule of 3:

Don’t panic, this is not a complicated geometry lesson but just a rule to know. Indeed, we avoid using more than 3 colours to avoid overloading our look or our interior and to keep a certain coherence in the overall result.

To avoid taking risks, we prefer to opt for a chromatic gradient such as shades of war colours which are very fashionable at the moment.

What are complementary colours?

Complementary colours are certainly opposites on the colour wheel, but mixing them together gives a very trendy result! So forget your prejudices and dare to mix purple with yellow or red with pink, navy blue with black for original combinations and a strong style.

Everything you need to know about monochromy:

A simple but effective technique for brightening up a room or a look; the monochrome technique invites us to use only one colour or to work it with white or gradients. The aim of a monochrome interior is to be harmonious, so to avoid a bland result, we play with the shades and colours by combining them cleverly.

Our advice: to break up tones that are too monotonous, combine a brighter colour with white to bring colour in small touches and brighten up the whole.

Janolo trend tip of the moment:

At the moment, it’s all about minimalism: a combination of unbleached colours, neutral tones and mix-and-match combinations of beige, brown, gold and white. To adopt this soothing and very fashionable decoration, we rely on natural materials such as wood, woven cotton or linen and we enhance the whole with touches of colour such as a tangerine orange and a deeper wine red.

Obviously, these tips will make life easier, but above all, don’t forget to be yourself, to follow your instincts, your personal inspirations and to fully assume who you are.

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