This past masterclass was animated by Maud Jego, a serial entrepreneur, to introduce the 5 principles of effectuation. 

The strategy is based on a reversal of perspective on how entrepreneurs make decisions and innovate.

Here’s a few information on Maud : Adventuress at heart, surfer, rider, sea lover, Maud Jégo is fond of meeting new people. She worked during 10 years in Military Aeronautics for one of the largest French organisations. 3 years ago, she decided to turn every dreams into reality. She created and co-founded Great Village, a barter economy and sustainable based company. Within 3 years, the international community exchanged over $5 Million worth of resources.Maud is a french entrepreneur enabling others to manifest their dream into reality. She coached more than 150 entrepreneurs in the world and co-organized more than 60 impactful business events in the world using the barter economy. Her motto : “Never try, never know !”

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