Tips to get more creativity

Finding creativity is challenging for many people. But don’t worry, it is a skill that can be developed with practice. At Janolo, we do our best to help you  improve your creativity.  Here are some tips on how to tap into your creative side!

First of all, you should break your routine. Doing the same things every day can lead to boredom and a lack of inspiration. Go out, talk with others, go to different places, you may discover new things very inspiring!  By surrounding yourself with inspiration such as music or nature. This can also awake your creative side. One of the most inspirational thing to get more creativity is to collaborate with others. In fact, working with others can help spark new ideas and perspectives. Join a group or seek out a creative partner to collaborate with. At Janolo, we believe that we go further together. 

You can keep a journal. Writing down your thoughts and ideas can help clarify your thoughts and keep track of your creative process. Practice mindfulness, It  helps you learn your mind and focusing on the present moment can help increase creativity. Also, meditation, yoga, or simply taking a walk to help calm your mind and get in touch with your creative side.

Take breaks! Yeah, by taking time away from your work or project you can refresh your mind and allow new ideas to surface. Play and have fun during those breaks,  allow yourself to be silly and try new things without worrying about the outcome. This can lead to new and unexpected ideas. This experimentation concept is one of the keys to get more creativity. It generally comes from what we don’t expect!

Finding creativity is a matter of making time and effort to tap into your imagination. By breaking routine, surrounding yourself with inspiration, and experimenting with new things, you can awaken your creative side and start producing amazing work.

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