Face the blank page syndrome

It’s your enemy, one of the most feared by artists and creatives alike : the blank page syndrome! It’s a common problem created by the feeling of being  overwhelmed by the emptiness of a blank page. It’s often because of it that we waste precious hours and  sometimes, even days of work.

At Janolo, we know how painful it is. Therefore, here are some tips to fight it and get your creativity back!

  • Technics to get more ideas

You can use a brainstorm to get your ideas together. List all of them, put synonyms, images, anything & everything that comes in mind. It generally generates ideas. In fact, it’s one of the most efficient techniques to get ideas. Because, by writing one you can think about another. 

Setting goals is also very effective. It will help you get a long term vision and not get lost in your ideas by thinking about many things at the same time and not knowing where to go. Your goal can be about a number of words, completing a sketch or a time objective. It ‘ll help you stay motivated and overcome the blank page syndrome. 

  • Activities to get your mind back on track

You can do some warm-up exercises, just like physical ones. It can help you get your creativity back. You can try to write about random topics for 5 minutes or doodling in your sketchbook just to get your mind and hands moving. You may find inspiration. Also, don’t hesitate to use prompts to get started any creative process.

Doing some activity such as going on a walk, reading, going in a coffee or watching a movie. Activities like this can help you get inspired.  At Janolo, we strongly encourage you to do something not about your artwork when you’re struggling. It’ll change your mind and you may have many new ideas when you get back on your work.

Unfortunately,  we can’t erase the blank page syndrome but still, those tips will help you get started with your creative process. The key ideas are to be patient, stay focused and determined. But most of all, have fun with your work

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