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3. Create your action plan

How to set your goals ? Let find exemples together.

They have to be specific (they must serve precise ends for your business), measurable (to assess progress and results ), attainable (to remain motivated in the long term), relevant (with regard to your experience and to the market), timebased (with a schedule that will be observed).

To avoid frustration, do not pressure yourself with big money goals yet. If you are at the beginning of your journey, find what’s right for you, analyse the market and and then set goals. Otherwise, It is too much pressure, and your will be betting on something you don’t have enough insights on. As a first step, I recommend you focus on the minimum income you need, based on your current status / life.

Now create your plan action:

  • Opportunity: platform, agency, advert, direct client;
  • Action: how you approach a goal;
  • Steps or stages: the action you take is broken down into several stages of work;
  • Estimated time: amount of working time required to carry out the action;
  • Start date and end date: scheduling the deadlines to carry out your actions;
  • Goals: as you have specified them (SMART) (see next page)
  • Results achieved: completed once the end date has passed and considers your success (or otherwise) compared to set goals.