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Business opportunities and Step-by-Step instructions

45 minutes private coaching with expert

Are you ready to explore exciting business opportunities and take the next step towards success? In this private coaching, we will walk you through the process, providing step-by-step instructions to help you seize the right opportunities, develop your business strategy, and achieve your goals. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established art business owner looking to expand, our insights and instructions will be your roadmap to growth and prosperity.

Social Media consulting

45 minutes private coaching with expert

Your online presence matters more than ever in today’s digital world. Is your social media strategy hitting the mark, or is it time for a makeover? In this audit and advice session, we’ll dive deep into your social media profiles, assessing what’s working and where there’s room for improvement. From content creation to engagement strategies, we’ll provide tailored advice to help you elevate your social media game and make a meaningful impact in the digital sphere.

How to create a website for beginners?

45 minutes private coaching with expert

A strong online presence starts with a well-designed website. Whether you’re a business owner, creative professional, or an artist looking to establish an online identity, crafting a website can be a daunting task. In this coaching, we’ll demystify the process and provide you with a clear, step-by-step roadmap to create your website. From domain registration to design choices and content creation, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to launch your online presence.

Portfolio review session

45 minutes private coaching with expert

Your portfolio is your showcase of talent and expertise. It’s the key to leaving a lasting impression on potential employers or clients. In this portfolio review session, we’ll examine your work with a critical eye and offer constructive feedback to help you refine your portfolio. Whether you’re an artist, designer, writer, or any other creative professional, our goal is to ensure your portfolio reflects your skills and achievements in the best possible light. Get ready to take your career to the next level.

Client communication and collaboration

45 minutes private coaching with expert

Effective client communication and collaboration are essential skills for success in the creative and business world. Whether you’re a digital artist, a designer, or a freelancer, your ability to work closely with clients and partners can make or break a project. In this coaching program, we’ll explore strategies to enhance your communication, understanding of client needs, and collaborative efforts. You’ll gain the tools and techniques needed to build lasting, productive relationships with clients and colleagues, ensuring that your creative projects are not only successful but also enjoyable.

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Work-Life balance

45 minutes private coaching with expert

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the right balance between work and personal life can be a constant challenge. Achieving a healthy work-life balance is not only crucial for your well-being but also for your overall productivity and satisfaction. This coaching program is designed to help you strike that balance. Together, we’ll explore strategies to manage your time more effectively, set boundaries, and create a fulfilling life that encompasses both your career and personal aspirations. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, or simply someone looking to regain control of your life, this coaching program will guide you towards a more harmonious and rewarding existence.