Monday Booster

30 minutes every Monday

Morning session: 12 PM (midday) CET

Afternoon session: 6 PM CET

Each monday, join us for a nice chat and engage with other artists from the Janolo community !

We’ll discuss about your ongoing projects, trends, ambitions, self-doubts, desired skills and we could discuss any topic we feel that will interest you.

We realized the best time to do that is Monday to give you all an energy shot for the week!To allow everyone to participate, we created 2 sessions :

12pm (midday) and 6pm (Paris CET)

See you soon!

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    1. Hey @lovekaur you just need to click on the blue button « join the morning session » or « join the afternoon session » ? and maybe you’ll need to upload zoom

      1. Didn’t have zoom app on my phone had to download it to get the zoom room number before logging on with laptop